About the Tour

Join us for our 2nd Annual Los Angeles Catio Tour!

Saturday, October 5, 2024

We’re SO excited to announce our 2024 date and we hope you’ll join us in co-creating another wonderful event!

Do you know the purrfect catio for this year’s tour?! Email scout@losangelescatiotour.com to submit it!

2024: Get exclusive access to 10+ private catios (cat patios) throughout Los Angeles!
From DIY to custom installations, these cat enclosures are sure to inspire! See how catios can fit a variety of budgets and spaces.

Our Mission

Striving for a purrfect balance in Los Angeles, our mission is to advocate for the widespread adoption of catios, allowing cats to thrive outdoors while protecting our diverse wildlife population.

Your participation supports future tours as well as further education and animal advocacy work. Thank you!

Last year’s tour

Our inaugural Catio Tour kicked off at Pasadena Humane, where guests could check in, meet the team, and enjoy connecting with vendors, sponsors, and one another. 140 then guests enjoyed a self-guided driving tour until 4pm, exploring private catios of all shapes and sizes! (We even had a doggio!)

Guests could visit Kitten Rescue‘s facility catio and a few awesome installations by Catio Guy — including the one he built for his own cats!

Plus! VIP ticket holders enjoyed an exclusive private tour of The Gottlieb Native Garden in Beverly Hills later that afternoon.

Map and details were provided before the event. Virtual-only tour tickets were also available.

Why upgrade to VIP?

  • An invitation to our EXCLUSIVE 4pm private tour of The Gottlieb Native Garden
  • Access to 1 bonus online-only catio
  • A fabulous Catio Tour shirt! 😻

Can’t attend in person?

No worries! We have online-only tour options!

The virtual tour will be available to ALL ticketholders for a period of time beyond the 5th.

Join us for a day of exploration, Q&A with catio craftsmen and wildlife specialists, and a chance to connect with fellow animal lovers.
All featured catios are predator-proof and range in size and scope from simple window boxes to ultra complex designs.

Presented by

Teranga Ranch and Partners

Teranga Ranch / Teranga Wildlife is a local non-profit dedicated to educating people about native California wildlife. Our mission includes promoting coexistence and keeping backyard pets safe without resorting to harmful methods. We wish to humanely reduce and prevent free roaming cat populations in the Los Angeles area by integrating a range of strategies that are good for both cats and wildlife.

We will continue to work with partnering organizations to expand and bring awareness to these efforts.

Our 2023 incredible Partners

Custom Catios | FixNation | Friends of La Tuna Canyon | The Gottlieb Native Garden | The Humane Society of the United States | Kitten Rescue | Pasadena Audubon Society | Pasadena Humane | Poison Free Malibu | Pomona Valley Audubon Society | San Fernando Valley Audubon Society

Special thanks to our 2023 Sponsors

Catnets | CDE Animal Cages | Erica ‘Brandi’ Anderson